Tampon Toupee

OK, this is really more like a tampon wig, but let's not split hairs. Either way, it will cover up Dad's receding hairline or bald spot. Incidentally, we tried using Just for Men hair coloring for an authentic shade of chestnut brown, but it didn't take on the tampons. Use fabric dye for the best results. A styrofoam wig stand makes this project easier, but you could probably use a melon in a pinch.


  • About 40 Tampax tampons
  • RIT fabric dye (brown or whatever hair color you need to match)
  • One thigh-high nylon stocking
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Styrofoam wig stand


Unwrap tampons. Prepared dye according to directions. Put tampons in dye bath and let soak until desired shade is achieved. Rinse with clear water, squeeze out excess moisture, and hang to dry, stringing up twine as a tampon "clothesline". Do this step a day or two in advance of assembly so the tampons will have time to dry completely.

Cut leg of stocking about 10 inches from the top elastic band. Turn inside out, tie the cut end in a knot, adjusting length to fit head, then turn right side out, so the knot is on the inside. Fit stocking cap onto wig head.

Trim strings off of dyed tampons and trim any stray fibers for a neater look. Starting at the back of the head, glue the tampons onto the stocking. Work from the bottom to the top, and from the back to the front. Apply glue in a "T" shape to one end of the tampon on the "string" side, and press onto the nylon. Secure bottom row to elastic leg band (head band) with glue.

Layer two or three rows of tampons on till you reach the crown of the hairpiece. Leave the front area for last. Glue front tampons on at an angle from left to right to create a parted "comb over" effect. If there are any "blank" spots or areas that need extra fullness, cut a few tampons in half and glue in as "filler" between rows.

The hairpiece is ready to wear. The leg band will keep it securely in place. For best results, store on wig stand between uses.

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